Next meeting

Our next meeting will be on Monday 14th February 2022, when Angus Menzies will be presenting: ‘H is for Heinichen and Hesse, masters of the Dresden baroque’.

 As before, we feel it is appropriate to ask all attending to follow the Covid safety measures we have in place including well spaced seating, wearing a mask and as far as possible maintaining social distancing. 

 The following meeting on 28th February will be Peter Horwood presenting favourites from his own collection.

Looking ahead you may be interested in a Palm Sunday recital on Sunday 10th April, in St Mary & St Nicholas Church, Wilton at 4.00pm of string quartets, featuring the concert premiere of Variations on Love Divine by Ailsa Dixon (1932-2017)   Ailsa Dixon was one of the many female composers side-lined in musical history, but her work has been the focus of new interest since she died in 2017, with posthumous premieres of a number of works found in her archive. 

We hope you will be able to come on Monday.